You Are Worth More Than That!

A young girl is told by her dad that she looks fat in her clothing: her dad, functioning out of his inability to communicate. A young boy is told by his teacher that he’s not applying himself: the teacher speaking out of her inability to understand how the boy learns and frustrated that he’s not with the rest of the class.

Think back. You had one or more experiences like this; likely they were defining experiences and may even hurt now as you remember. These memories are damnable, destructive and debilitating; and, today I want you to see them for what they are.

If I were horrible at money management, would you form your investments on my advice? If my marriage were a wreck, would you formulate your marriage on my opinions? Why, then, would you allow yourself to be defined by comments others have spoken out of their inabilities? The phrase “you’re stupid” was likely told you by someone who was competitive and needed to feel better about his or her self. The phrase “you damned sissy” was probably told you by someone who felt they were failing as a role model and needed to feel better about their lack. The words “you’re fat” were likely spoken by someone who felt insecure and who needed to emotionally push you beneath them.

Why would we ever allow ourselves to be defined by words that others speak out of their inability, lack and personal failures? The answer? “Because we want to be pursued.” Because of this, we will take nearly any attention we can get when we are young, and sometimes even when we are older. The heart of a young girl is impressionable and the heart of a young boy malleable. As children, we formed our personalities on attention given—often times, drinking poison and damaging our souls for a lifetime. But as adults, we can stop this. We don’t have to believe the shallow self-serving thoughts of others. We don’t have to live according to the scripts we adopted as children.

What sewage did you swallow as a child? Ask Jesus to show you. Verbally renounce the agreement you made with the lies others deposited in your life. Pray: “Jesus, come into my life. I ask you to step into my memories, into my experiences, and crossing all time and space…destroy those debilitating experiences. I renounce my agreement with the lies…I now see that the attention given me was destructive, and I've held it close. Change my thoughts and my life: I no longer want sewage to define me.” Maybe you don't believe Jesus is real or that He will respond: then you have nothing to lose, do you?  Jesus will show up and that prayer will change your destiny.

The scripts we learn as children are not ones we are forced to keep. When we learn they are poisonous, we can vomit them up and by the transcendent power of Jesus the Son of God, by our inviting Him into those times, we can be delivered from the lies with which once we agreed. Invite Him in.

“He who has the Son has life….” – 1 John 5:12


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