Exploiting Social Norms #4

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My third social experiment on a Southwest Airlines flight started the same way as the others.  Early boarding.  Seat near row twelve.  However, this time, I sat next to the window.  Something you should know about me…I LOVE essential oils…I can’t imagine life without them.  My wife and I teach people how to live chemically free and use essential oils to do it.  We’ve seen people make health decisions that have reversed Rheumatoid Arthritis.  All said, one of my favorite essential oils is Blue Tansy.  It has an amazing aroma—much like fruit-stripe gum if you can remember that.  It is also a bluish-green oil. 

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I had a surgical mask in my laptop bag; I keep it for flights where there are a lot of sick people as an additional safety measure.  I took the surgical mask and put some of the blue-green Tansy oil on the mask, right where my mouth would be.  Yes, it looked quite gross…rather like mucus on the mask.  I rolled up my coat, laid it against the window of the plane, laid against the window and squinted my eyes, just enough to see people’s responses.  I faced my mouth toward the aisle and watched person after person walk by me.  At the end, when the plane doors were shut and locked, literally the only two empty seats in the plane were next to me.  I heard the stewardess addressing other passengers saying, “Sir, there is an empty aisle seat if you’d like it.”  The stewardess could not get anyone to take the seat next to me. One man even stood up, saw me and sat back down. I enjoyed the entire flight with an empty row…all to myself.  It was glorious.

They were unwilling to break social norms to sit in my row: self-preservation over-rode social comfort.  Just so you know, I’ll draw this all to a conclusion in my next post.  There is much useful information here.  Don’t miss it!

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