Exploiting Social Norms #2

Here is one account of how I pushed social norms to gain personal benefit.  This was a tremendous gain.  Read here first if you didn't catch the last post.

I was on a Southwest Airlines flight.  If you’ve flown Southwest, you know you can pay for early boarding, which I did.  I entered the plane early, found a seat next to the aisle about row twelve and sat down staring at everyone who walked in.  I made certain to establish direct eye contact with everyone approaching me.  I smiled, nodded my head in recognition of their presence; as people walked toward me, those who made eye contact with me began to scan me—likely for safety and girth.  Before the first 30 people had passed by, both seats next to me were filled.  Even with scores of aisle and window seats still available, my row was full.  We three enjoyed the most in-depth conversations for the 2.5-hour flight into Los Angeles.

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This is an example of how I used an understanding of Proxemics to benefit myself in social relationships.  I presented a safe demeanor; a pleasant presence; a welcoming smile; a pleasant nod of the head to recognize them and as our circles of presence intersected, they felt safe and welcome, resulting in a full row of company and very satisfying conversation for the entire trip.  It was just that simple.  So, this works for attraction...how successful could I produce repulsion?  Can one use the same techniques to drive people away?

My next post will explain just this:  How to use a knowledge of Proxemics to keep people away!  Watch for tomorrow's post.

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