You Alive?!

Are you alive?  I mean really alive?  If you could do anything without limitation of time, money, relationships, location or fear...what would it be?  I really want you to answer that question.  No lack to hold you back!  What makes you alive?  Maybe you're experiencing it already.  If not...if you could sell everything, ditch your job, grab the people closest to you and jump into the life that drives and IS YOU...what would it look like?

We may never have met, but I know one thing is true: You CAN BE that life.  YOU.  Not your neighbor.  Not some lucky person who won the lottery.  YOU.

Do me this favor...write down what it is.  Get a piece of paper and just start writing--don't stop until your brain quits and you can't think of anything else.  Write down your ALIFE...yes your ALIFE...what it looks like...who it it feels and tastes.  With whom are you sharing your perfect life?  Go take your paper and read it to them.  Don't LET THEM read it...YOU read it to them.  Laugh about it.  Cry about it.  But YOU read it to them.  Then pick one thing that will take you closer to it and do it. one thing and write it on your paper and once you've finished that one thing do another.  Keep talking about it.  Write me and tell me about it!  I'll cheer you on.  I reply to every email I get.  I believe in you to be what you dream.  God made you in His image and there is little beyond your reach if you're willing to work and change to get there.  Email me at bucksblog [[at]] bigmeaning [[dt]] com.  I'm cheering you on!

NOW...Go do it.  Go find the coffee post from last week, use the card I posted on that blog and get a cup of coffee and go write.  My treat!  If you get there and the cash is gone...I'll be putting on more again so stay tuned. 

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