SHIFT: It's Only a House

A shift post presents one scenario and applies it to another.  Here you go: 

Do you have a pool?  Two car garage?  A thousand-square-foot house? A three-thousand-square foot house? One bath?  Three baths?  What kind of home do you have?  Do you wish you had something different?  When you bought your house, you liked it enough to likely go in debt.  Right?  The more you live in the house, do you see things you do and don't like?  Do you wish you could change things?  What about maintenance? How well do you maintain your house?  Pluming? Paint?  Siding?  Windows?  Ever get jealous of another person's house?  Wish you had one like them?  Or had their house?  A part of their house?  Really though...isn't it just a house?  Ultimately, isn't it somewhere you live?  You're not defined by your house really, are you?  If anyone would define you by your house...would you really care what that person thought or said?  "Your house is ugly!"  "Your house needs update!" "Your house would be cuter if you just _____."   Hummmm...would you really care?  Really?  No.  I don't think so.  Why?  Because it's your house...where you live...not where they live.  You'd likely, and hopefully, dismiss their judgments.  You may get frustrated with your house, but it's still your house.

Now the shift.  When you look in the mirror, do you award yourself the same defense you do your house?  

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