How Much Don't You Know?

How often do you ask yourself, "How much don't I know?" This is a valid question; one we steer clear of because it's not complimentary and doesn't affirm our worth. What don't you know? Go one step further: What terrifies you? 

That is an uncomfortable question that we typically wrestle into submission by relying on what we DO know. Do you see the pattern?  We are proud of what we know and invalidated by what we don't know; we aspire to what we know that is pleasurable and mitigate what we don't know that is frightening. Consider this thought: "I wonder what it's like to enjoy a sunset dinner on a yacht floating in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean?"

Now consider this: "How much pain and fear will consume me when I can't breath at my death?" Before reading further, consider these two questions.  You, as most people, likely latched onto the first and quickly dismissed the latter. 

This dynamic is why we are able to solve the nation's political problems with phrases like, "Trump is an idiot" or "Clinton is a thief."  None of us knows the entire story and cannot; likely the individuals don't even know their own stories fully. Yet, we solve global problems with a single sentence, allowing our thoughts to be God and our judgment to satisfy our lack of knowledge. 

Here is a challenge for today. Be honest and ask yourself what you don't know and embrace it. There is nothing wrong with being knowledgable...and nothing wrong with not knowing. Rather than satisfy ourselves falsely with what we know, let's look deeper and learn--or at least stay silent when we don't know. We're never finished learning because, contrary to our own unspoken belief as proven by our practices, three things are true: we are not God; this universe is beyond all of our discovery combined; and, the real fun is admitting our weakness, finding the truth and then enjoying the fruit of expanded life with it. Let's find truth, embrace our own lack, offer grace to each other, and enjoy the learning journey together.  Deal?

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