Happy Thoughts

Can we do an experiment?  Think of the happiest thought you can. I'd suggest thinking of a time where you know that you know if God gave you a gift, it was that experience or friend. As a matter of fact, let's say that if you lost all memory and could only keep one, what would it be?  

Think on that for a bit. 

Mentally make note of your face muscles. Are you smiling?  Eyes slightly squinted?  Are you experiencing a sense of gratitude? What else?

May I offer that we are to live this way?  Remembering those people and times that we know were likely gifts of God to us. "Forget not all His benefits" is what the psalm records. One can argue out of unbelief what is or isn't God's gift, but I'm convinced that every good and perfect gift is from Him. Today, remember God's sweet gifts while we are yet alive and have faith that more await.  Our best is ahead because God is unlimited in creativity, unlimited in resource and is not out of gifts.

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