Ecstasy is often related to drugs or sex. If you live a life driven outside those two, it likely means intense emotion. None of these are incorrect, but I'd like to throw you a curve ball. 

A study of the word ecstasy (gk. ἔκστασις) shows the earliest definition from classical Greek means "any casting down of a thing from its proper place or state, displacement."1  This definition is expressed throughout  the writings of Plato and Aristotle.  

A second definition is a person who is so fixed on"things divine" that he or she sees nothing but the divine and experiences the reality of the divine while yet in the flesh. Do you know the sources for this definition? got it: Plato and Aristotle. What?!  You expected a different source? Contrary to American belief, God does exist healthily outside of the Bible. But, do consider Biblical use of the term: Jesus raises a girl from the dead and the people were in ecstasy; Jesus was resurrected--the grave empty-- and the disciples were in ecstasy; Jesus heals a paralytic and people were in ecstasy; Peter the disciple heals a paraplegic in Jesus' name and the observers are in ecstasy. 

Just like Plato and Aristotle understood, when we interact with God, it is possible we will experience Him in ways that propel us outside our own selves. We can experience God beyond our controllable perceptions, and in ways that involve healthy fear and surreal presence, as if to be physically present but immersed and motionless because our senses are trying to take in what is happening. We can't produce this: it is a product of God being with us and letting us see a glimpse of who He is. But, we can ignore and resist Him, we can tell Jesus "no" and in so doing, lose an opportunity to deeply experience and be altered by the divine.  We have to pursue God, interact with Him, invite Him into life and be where He is. All other ecstasy is sensory alone; but, ecstasy in God is life altering and heart changing; it reminds us of our proper place in the face of eternity and of the indescribable personalities and presence of Jesus and God. Can we reclaim and take ownership of this word?

Ecstasy: to be outside ourselves in unspeakable amazement as we experience life through Jesus in the divine presence of God. 

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1 Strong's gk. 1611


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