Always Keep the Meeting

I'm very affected by movies. I have a mind that, when activated, records video, sound and thought as a simultaneous memory that I can't soon get rid of...close to a photographic memory.  I'm very careful about what I watch, read and hear for this very reason. This blessing (or curse--you decide) means that I constantly associate songs and movie lines with life and conversation. I often answer with lines from movies and I pun with the same.  I can listen to the soundtrack of the movie and replay it in my mind without seeing the screen.

All said, I protect myself and try only to keep those images and lines worth their value.  "Always keep the meeting" is a phrase I accepted three years ago and wish I'd had as a teen. 

A chap named George aka/ Trey is the president of a fractional airline and recently sold his business's to Google for $230m. He's successful in business and one of my acquaintences. This is his phrase. It makes can't respond to opportunities you never had because you chose to believe that the meeting wasn't worth it...before you even had it in the first place. When we adopt a mindset that someone or some event isn't worth our time, we limit our exposure to new ideas and potentials; we limit our ability to say "yes."  Keep the meeting and you can still say "no."  Don't keep the meeting, and you rob yourself of a potential decision. The fact that you reached this sentence means you "kept the meeting."  Now you get to make a decision you couldn't before: Do you find value in this phrase as I do?  Will you now see your life differently as I have?

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