Learning to Take A Break

Everyone needs to learn how to take a break. Life gets too busy too often. No one will come to us and demand that we stop and if we choose to continue driving through controlled intersections, there is a willing recipient called "the grave" that will accept our offering of life. Only we can choose not to deposit our most precious possession into its care.

You may have wondered why I haven't posted anything since October 30th. It's because I have limited resources and they are being used for items of greater importance and so I am taking a break. The most important things in my life are my relationships and those become an even greater focus during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I love to celebrate life and gratitude with my family, friends and the needy in my community. And since I've never discovered how to squeeze more than 24 hours out of any day, I, like you, am forced to elect what will receive my attention and my affection.

After Christmas I will begin challenging and encouraging you again. But, suffice it for now to offer this one Christmas challenge: make plans to enjoy the Jesus of Christmas. At this time of year He is not celebrated as a judge-which He is. He's not celebrated as a conquering King-which He is. At this time of year, He's celebrated as the approachable and gentle child. Now, even as a man, Jesus maintains these characteristics and will gratefully receive any who approach Him. This Christmas, will you do so and give Him the most valuable possession you have?

May you enjoy a Merry Christmas, filled with peace, freedom from condemnation and filled with an abundance of hope.

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Bryan Hurlbut is the author of Making It Count: Putting meaning back in business and relationships. This and other topics can be found in the book Making It Count: Putting meaning back in business and relationships.


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