Take a chance!

There are times in our lives where we must choose to do things that will not make us money. Either we choose to do these things because they simply must be done or because doing so will open up the possibility of reward later. In the first case, changing the oil of your vehicle, mowing your grass, washing your clothes or cooking your own dinner are great examples. We simply have to do these thing because they must be done. Not doing them means that later we will be punished by our own laziness.

Nevertheless, it’s not this first one I want to discuss. It’s the second one that has my interest today. There are definite times where we must invest our time or other resources in actions and situations that don’t show an immediate return. Writing this blog is a perfect example of that type of action. I cannot guarantee that anyone will find value in its presence and content, but not doing so would guarantee that no one would benefit from its presence. Spending time with friends, taking someone home when they need a ride, making dinner for someone who is ill and being extra patient with a co-worker or employee when they push all the wrong buttons are all good examples of our doing something that may have no immediate return but that will hopefully pay long term dividends.

Just remember, some times we must sacrifice an immediate monetary gain for the hope of gaining a more valuable future or future monetary gain. So when those times come, don’t simply focus on what you are not getting now. Focus on what you may get later. Be willing to take that chance. Not taking a chance guarantees that you will only possess what you can see and nothing more.

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Anonymous said…
This is a great insight. If you look at the opposite of this as well it is really interesting. Like if you stop eating, or stop moving your lawn, and so forth. The results would be terribly overwhelming. I think in a larger picture our society as decided to abandon some of the essentials they should be doing (not for instant reward, rather future). poverty and slavery are running nations so in a sense its time to mow the lawn. It's a great insight Bryan thanks for sharing

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