Pilgrims Progress

John Bunyan wrote an amazing story in 1675 called Pilgrims Progress. There are many current-day renditions of this famous classic tale in print today, however, just last night I watched the 2008 movie that bears this books name.

The move Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven, produced by Danny Carrales, encouraged, challenged and inspired me as I watched it. If you have never seen this movie, please do so. You won't be distracted with overtly consuming special effects that would detract from the plot and theme of the story. Nonetheless, Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven adds color in all the right places and gives its full energy and focus to help the viewer capture the full essence of the allegory. I found myself in the story both living with and as the characters while they were forging their journey to eternity.

Even if you have no religious background at all, this movie will challenge you to pursue what you cannot see but that most definitely exists.

Please, invest in your future and your vision by either renting or purchasing a copy of this movie. I make nothing out of offering this advice except the hope that you, like I, will walk away owing its makers a deep debt of gratitude.

Bryan Hurlbut is the author of Making It Count: Putting meaning back in business and relationships. Other topics similar and related to this can be found in Making It Count: Putting meaning back in business and relationships.


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